Unlike tobacco cigarette smokers, vapers can choose the level of nicotine they wish to consume when it comes to vaping. Experienced vapers appreciate the ability to make decisions regarding their nicotine strength but it can be confusing to new users.

E-liquids are offered in levels varying from 0mg/mL to 24mg/mL.


0mg/mL is the option for those that enjoy a nicotine-free vape or are trying to quit nicotine altogether. Many vapers start with a higher level of nicotine and over time they will gradually lower their nicotine levels and consumption.


3mg/mL is the nicotine strength most commonly used by vapers, especially if they are “drippers” using rebuildable atomizers or advanced “sub-Ohm” tank systems.


6mg/mL is the level predominately used by vapers using a tank device. Many who use this level will also switch back and forth between vaping and smoking tobacco cigarettes, and those who use chewing tobacco or nicotine gum.


12mg/mL and higher is the nicotine strength coveted smokers that smoke a pack of cigarettes daily and on a regular basis. These levels are also good for vapers using cartomizer systems.

18MG and 24MG

18 and 24 mg/mL are for heavy smokers. If someone smokes more than a pack a day for several years these are the levels of nicotine they will desire. These levels are also good for closed tank systems and starter setups for users transitioning from traditional combustible tobacco products.