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The Lunartics

A Lunartic is any fan of Moon Mountain. It's anyone that wants to stand up to Big Tobacco. It's anyone that says no to the FDA telling you to let Big Tobacco win. Lunartics win. Lunartics conquer. Lunartics defeat. Our rivals are the meanest of the mean, the biggest of the big and the nastiest of the nasty. Becoming a Lunartic is more than just becoming a fan, you become a part of a full-fledged movement!

Our Rivals

Lunartics help the vapor industry fight back against our biggest rivals: The companies and governments that are trying to take vape away from the people and put it into the hands of our worst rivals. Lunartics are the fans of Moon Mountain and the vapor industry that won't let Big Tobacco and the FDA have their way!

Big Tobacco • Deadly & Ugly

They’re Big, they’re MEAN and They’re trying to rig the game. Whether they’re targeting high schoolers in 3rd world countries or buying up pod companies in the states, big tobacco wants to stomp Lunartics out. And we're not gonna let that happen!

The FDA • Big & Bloated

THE FDA is on a one track mission: Destroy vape. special interest groups, lobbyists, dark dollars and more fuel this overzealous behemoth. if they have their way, the only vape left in america will be brought to you by big tobacco. We say hell no!

Becoming a Lunartic

Are you ready to become a fan? Are you ready to become a Lunartic? It's easy, if you want to fight unfair regulation and the plans of Big Tobacco and you love Moon Mountain, then you're ready! You're now in the Lunartic Army, ready to support all the people in local, State and National Advocacy fighting for a better tomorrow for vapers everywhere! If you're looking for the perfect vape for your everyday journey as a Lunartic, pick up some Moon Mountain!

Lunartic Fan Gear

Want to show off your Lunartic pride? Check out some of the new Lunartic Fan Gear!