August 8th, 2016 was a big date for companies and consumers in the vaping industry. That is the date where products in the market begin the process of compliance for regulations. Moving to the future (May 2018), many companies who currently sell vapor products may face extinction of their brands without proper compliance.

In order to begin the process of becoming “compliant” vapor companies were required to make several changes that include: flavor re-formulation, proper labeling of products with appropriate warnings and child-resistant caps on bottles.

Moon Mountain, which has been producing great tasting, high-quality e-liquid since 2013, aims to continue to doing so beyond the deadline of May 2018. We are taking many measures set forth by federal regulations to navigate this pathway.

Child Resistant Droppers

All of our e-liquids are packaged in bottles with child-resistant caps accompanying full GCC reports.

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FDA Registration

Our FDA Registration Sheets provide our customers with the information they need to verify that Moon Mountain's product registration with the FDA.

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Our labels have been designed to provide thorough warning messages and company information to both distributors and consumers.

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Lot #s

All Moon Mountain e-liquid products contain lot numbers for full product traceability.


MSDS Sheets

Our Material Safety Data Sheets provide our customers with the information they need to know to safely handle Moon Mountain products.

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Record of Compliance

View our Record of Compliance with State licensing boards, State Advocacy and Contributing Organizations.

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Reformulated E-liquid

Moon Mountain e-liquid brands have been developed with the aim of complying with the most stringent regulatory requirements issued to date.

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