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What is Dripping?

Dripping is a style of vaping that requires the user to have an RDA (re-buildable dripping atomizer), an RBA (re-buildable atomizer) or an RDTA (re-buildable dripping tank atomizer). The majority of dripping devices do not have a tank and require the user to install or replace coils and wicks to ensure maximum vapor quality. The reason it is called dripping is because instead of filling the tank with e-liquid the vaper drips it directly on the coils and wicks which are connected to the atomizer.

While dripping provides users with enhanced flavor and vapor production it typically lacks in e-liquid capacity. Depending on the size of the coil build and juice well, a vaper can expect to draw 4-8 hits before e-liquid must be re-applied and the process repeats.

Why do people drip? There are a few reasons why vapers choose this method. First, to chase clouds. For some, the goal of vaping is vapor production. Dripping allows a user the ability to chase clouds in a way using tanks does not. Second, quality of flavor. Drippers find that their preferred vaping method provides cleaner and bolder flavors. Three, dripping is more customizable. Different atomizers offer different airflow options and because of this an experienced vapor can build their coils and wicks in ways they feel bring them the most satisfactory vape. Fourth, ease in switching flavors. Not everyone is loyal to an all day vape and like to change flavors throughout the day. Lastly, people love to tinker with things. People that enjoy working with their hands and knowing how things work will enjoy the higher maintenance associated with dripping and building coils.

Dripping has both advantages and disadvantages. As with anything, the more options one can have the more complicated things can be to operate and this is no different in vaping. If a person wants to fill a tank in the morning and not worry about re-applying e-liquid every 4-8 hits, dripping is not the vaping style for them. For those that target the perfect vape and are willing to learn through trial and error, dripping could end up being their new favorite hobby.

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