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The Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Cartel Revenant 160 Mod

 As the vaping industry matures the technology and innovation in the business is growing as well. If you have been vaping for several years you know all to well the changes made to e-liquid, devices and accessories in that time. How many of us still use the first device we purchased? Is your first favorite flavor still your go to ADV? Over the years we have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of e-liquid companies offering the newest, best tasting e-liquid on the market and although many of these vaped great, the flavor, and in some cases the company, are no where to be found. Over the same time, hundreds of devices have been introduced with all promising the best results. It’s not very often a new device comes out that takes the vaping industry by storm. That is exactly what has happened since the Cartel Revenant 160 Mod was released to the United States earlier this year.

What makes the Cartel Revenant 160 Mod special? Here are the top 5 reasons why this is the hottest device around and why every vaper should own one.

  1. The first feature that makes this device stand out is the way it looks. All devices are stainless steel with resin casing. Each casing has a different design due to the woods and resins used in making them. Each one is unique and no 2 devices are alike. The colors range from blues, to yellows, to reds and everything in between. If you see one you like buy it right away because you will never see it again.

  2. The price – this device operates and vapes like a high-end device but without the price. The Cartel Revenant 160 Mod retails for $150 and you will not get this performance for the price in any other device.

  3. Omni Board w/Smart Wattage – the device auto detects which coil is attached and automatically sets the wattage accordingly.

  4. Wave Hit Function – The device will change wattage either up or down every ½ second so you can customize your vaping experience.

  5. Upgradeable Firmware and USB charging capabilities.

If you want a high-end performing device for an intermediate price the Cartel Revenant 160 Mod is the device for you. With an output of 5-160 watts, resistance range of 0.05 to 5 ohms and temperature control range of 200-600 degrees, the Cartel is capable of vaping any e-liquid sold and taste the way it was intended to. Designed in the United States, each device comes with a one year manufacturer warranty on the chip.

 The Cartel Revenant 160 Mod is your way to stand out in the vaping crowd.

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