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Moon Mountain's PMTA Announcement!

September 1st, 2020

To our beloved Moon Mountain family,

We want to take this time and share some information with you regarding FDA's PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Product Application) submissions that are due September 9, 2020. It is with deep regret that Moon Mountain will not be filing submissions for our e-liquids which have been on the market since early 2013. We also want to recognize that this industry has treated our company very well over the years and for that we are forever grateful. Throughout the last 7 years, our products were transformed into a world wide sensation and have been sold in thousands of retail locations across the globe. We have made so many life long friendships that have enriched our lives for the better. You have helped make our company what it has become, a great brand that has converted tens of thousands of former smokers seeking to eliminate combustible tobacco. Our brand's success was no small task, we owe it to our customers who have stood by and supported us. More importantly, we owe it to our current and former employees who put their heart and soul into a brand that has always sought to do things the right way and for that we are beholden to them.

Over the last 10 years the vapor industry has risen from the ashes, creating a new disruptive technology comprised of thousands of hardworking small businesses with the same common goal, to eliminate the destruction caused by traditional smoking that has plagued our population for more than a century.  The last several years have been a battle, our industry has been attached to uncertainty with looming state and federal regulations. We as an industry have faced a barrage of attacks from anti vaping groups, big tobacco and governments with one goal, to eliminate this life saving technology. And now upon us, our industry stares down the barrel of a Federal PMTA deadline which stands to wipe out nearly every business. As a company, we have been acutely aware of PMTA deadlines and have taken many steps towards compliance since 2016 with one goal in mind, to file a fully completed application. Unfortunately, time has been on a short fuse and over the last two months, our company has come to the conclusion that we did not have a fighting chance to file a fully completed FDA application from a process that has been designed for companies to fail.

Moon Mountain's philosophy has always been to fight hard on the front line for the vapor industry and we have done just that throughout the years. Our company was a founding member of the Florida Smoke Free Association, members of almost every state trade association and a contributor to several lawsuits to fight the unjust over-regulation of a product that stood for eradicating combustible tobacco. We can certainly hold our heads high knowing we have always been up for the task. As a company, this doesn't mean the fight is over for us. We will continue to play a role in advocacy with the goal that one day our industry can overcome the adversity that has plagued us from accomplishing the greater good.

This message to you today does not mean that Moon Mountain the company, nor our industry is going away. Our retail establishments will remain open and operating as normal. Over the next 1-2 years you will see a dynamic shift in the vapor industry. We understand products not in state and federal compliance will be removed from the market voluntarily and forcefully. There will also be new products that remain or enter the market with a granted authorization from FDA. Recently, we have identified several companies who have successfully reached their goals and are actively submitting their applications prior to the September 9th deadline. Moon Mountain will adamantly support these companies by stocking their products in our retail stores. We have been working tirelessly with these brands behind the scenes to ensure inventory remains available for you on your vaping journey. After-all, the goal has always been to eradicate combustible tobacco that has claimed so many lives throughout history.

What can you expect next from us? Over the next few weeks, Moon Mountain will be winding down its online operations at Our e-liquids will be available until our inventory is depleted through our online and in-store retail channels. Once the Moon Mountain e-liquid products have been depleted, we will begin filtering in the products we are confident that have a chance to be granted authority from FDA to remain on the market. Our retail stores in Brandon and Winter Haven, Florida will focus on remaining strong and open to serve you for years to come.

Once again, we have thoroughly enjoyed the last 7 plus years serving you. We know you have made a significant positive change in your life by switching to vaping. You should be as proud as we are that we could help you on your journey. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to stop in to one of our retail stores, visit us on the web or shoot us an email. Keep in touch and keep on vaping.



T.D. and Adam Bowen, Founders

The original Lunartics!

  • Patricia Brown says...

    Oh no!!!! First my retailer, Surreal Vapes On Long Island, NY, was shut down. And now I’m losing you!!! Is there anywhere that I’ll be able to order your Mother of Mercury on line??
    Please let me know. 😪

    On September 10, 2020

  • Christopher Costa says...

    Will the website remain up and sell the 3rd party products? Or just the retail stores?

    On September 09, 2020

  • Charles Wagner says...

    Wow my son really has njoyed your product wow

    On September 09, 2020

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