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Is the FDA Taking Our Flavors Away?

On May 5 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced their deeming regulations for the e-cigarette and vaping industry. In a nutshell, companies that wish to stay in business beyond 2018 must get past a host of regulatory hurdles, that border on impossible, in order to register their companies and products with the FDA. Not only do the ingredients used in their e-liquids need to be registered, but the facility where the products are manufactured or bottled needs to be registered too. This is the easy part. The process is very costly and to be honest, no one is 100% certain how the registration and compliance process will play out.

E-liquids in general only have 4 ingredients: VG (vegetable glycerin), PG (propylene glycol), nicotine and flavorings. However, each individual e-liquid recipe could or does have several different flavorings included. These flavorings, although they make for some delicious e-liquids, are what is forcing many in the industry to re-formulate their flavor lines in order to meet government regulations.

The government is looking for consistency in the vaping industry. They want to see the science behind e-liquids to show that harmful additives and ingredients are not included in e-liquids. In order to do this the companies that provide the flavorings to e-liquid manufacturers must register as a tobacco manufacturer and provide proprietary information to the government. Many of these flavor providers are not solely in the business of providing flavors for vaping. The flavorings are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for consumption orally. Translated, they are tested and deemed safe to for ingestion, not necessarily for inhalation.

E-liquids are not the main or major source of income for these flavor houses. Because of this, most have opted to not incur the cost of testing and registering their products for inhalation, or they have decided against providing ingredients to e-liquid manufacturers.

Since we have been providing quality e-liquid since 2013 and have no intentions of ceasing operations, we had to make a major decision as a company. Out of necessity, some of our flavors had to be re-formulated and, as unfortunate as it is, some have been discontinued. This was not by choice; it was out of necessity.

We refuse to let this stop us. After months of careful research and development our Next Generation of E-liquid has been released. We have partnered with suppliers that are doing all of the necessary filings that will assist Moon Mountain with navigating this rigorous pathway. If one of your favorite flavors is no longer being produced we have a next generation e-liquid flavor that is right for you and there is no need to worry about taste or quality. After all, these flavors are from Moon Mountain and our signature is in every bottle.

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